We go to the market and buy beautiful clothes without realizing that someone stayed all night to design it. We are happy when people commend us for picking the clothes we wear especially the fashion savvy ones. Those it means that every cloth designer is amazing? Of course not, some clothes give us embarrassment when we end up in fashion or a wardrobe malfunction. This is the reason.

Cloth designers are like our mothers…for them, there is no ‘mother malfunction’ as every mother is a special woman. It does not matter what might have happened between us and some of our mothers, the good thing is without mothers, we are not going to exist.

Every mother has a story to teach us, sometimes, these stories can be a happy one or ugly. The beautiful thing about mothers is they are always going to be our mothers. No matter how naughty we might be, mothers would always pray for us…This is the reason we are celebrating them. We love you mothers…happy mother’s day








She has loved him with so much passion that she could barely see all his deceits and cheats. It was not as if she was stupid to love the wrong guy, she was loving to make the wrong guy a better person.

This is the reason why we see most ladies loving the wrong guy, the spiteful husband, the abusive spouse and are not willing to leave no matter how bad they are maltreated. They cry and vow to leave but when they remember that they are the help that these ungrateful guys need, they stay back.

Don’t think that these lovely ladies are stupid to love…One day they would leave and the guys who have  been kicking them like dirt suddenly realize that they have lost a gem. Guess what? Do you know, these guys pay for these crime on ladies.  The question is, will they have to wait until these ladies leave before they realise their folly?

You may not be doing great for your spouse, friend, mother, father, kids and most importantly on yourself lately, this is time to lay off all the hurt and anger and become a better lover…You are a loving human and as such, make others happier today and give yourself a wonderful treat…You are the best.




Have you ever woken up with heaviness, felt as if the challenges you are facing would crush you? And yet, you are living today without remembering such time. This is the beauty of life, there is no type of problem that would not come and go like the dusts you step upon every day. No matter how sticky the challenges might be like a stepped chew gum under your shoe, it would definitely leave.


This is how the obstacles and challenges of life can, right under your feet. It does not matter how difficult life may turn out to be, if you can only see it as something that is below your power to conquer, you will definitely win. However, if you see your challenges beyond your power, you are definitely going down with it.


Make rain fall in your desert…How can you achieve this? Take every condition as a stepping stone to a successful life. Make every negative situation positive with positive words and win win attitude…This is what will help you be a rainmaker in life.


Remember, the world is waiting for your manifestation…The world would not end without you becoming successful. What do you say to this?






In our lives, we come to a point when we are so pissed that we forget to forgive someone. What does it take to forgive? It takes a lot and also nothing depending on the condition that you were offended. However, forgiving is rewarding.

If we can forgive more, the world would be a better place. See how much we have stuffed our beautiful world with hate and malice…Imagine a world without hate, pain and anger. It is simply a paradise that only be best imagined.

If you can look back today and recall all those you have not forgiven and forgive them, you would have a better life to live. It does not matter what the person did, if you can forgive, it can be forgotten…That is the beauty of life.

We are not perfect neither are you, learn to say sorry if even when you are offended, it is a magic that cures poverty and life challenges.




depressedThe challenges around you may seem unbearable, the world may look as if it is about to collapse on you and you may be losing grip of that hope that should have push you forward. Do not worry if you are reading this piece because all you have to do is relax after this…Do I mean you should stop worrying over the impending issues and relax? Of course, no one worries and win award.

You have the inherent ability to succeed no matter the challenges facing you. You can do anything you put your mind to. The reason we see a lot of crumbled marriages, careers and dreams everyday is because we have failed to see the ray of hope in future.

Today, is just a day among the millions of days in our world. If today is not bright, tomorrow would be bright. It all boils down to having hope and faith in what you do. There is only one life for us, why spend it in worries and lack? The route of success have nothing to do with lack, when you have the lack mentality, you have a weak future


The world is waiting for you… See you at the top.

After Today…What About tomorrow?


After Today…What About tomorrow?


Do we promise heaven and earth for that special one today without a rethink? If we can shower people with love today, what about tomorrow, next week and always…Do we forget that loving is our life? It is unfortunate that a lot of people would want to wait for special occasions before they can appreciate someone.


The world can be better if we can lay down hate, malice and anger each time we are hurt. If we can stop hating and start loving those who are not fair to us, they would definitely come back to love. The reason why evil reigns is because most of us has spoken wrongly to those who hurt us or anger us. We might not say it out that we are not happy but once our heart is clouded  with hate, the ripples overflow and affects the person…


Today, we can share love. This means that we can share it tomorrow and always. We should embrace love every moment. If we can always appreciate everyone the way we are doing today, life would be prettier…Happy Val.



Waiting for light



In the dark I sat depressed and disillusioned

By life with good reason to cry beside a

Withered garden, waiting for the light


Form nowhere appeared a child with a rose

Flower from the garden. He sat close to me and

Heaved a sigh of relief


“It is for you” he whispered to me. “It smells

Pretty” I looked at the withered flower and

Frowned. To let him go, I reached for the



But instead of placing the flower on my opened

Palms, he held it in mid air without dropping

The flower. I frowned the more


The light came and we stood to see differently

, I saw him blind and he noticed that I

Was not appreciating life, his flower


I heard my voice quivered, “Just what I

Needed” I took the flower from the air. He

Smiled, “How beautiful is the sun?” tears

Ran down my cheeks


“Very beautiful” I replied amidst tears. He

Smiled the more and left with the light.

Tapping the wall and ground to find his way

Through the eyes of the blind



And then, I held that withered flower up to my

Nose and breathed in the fragrance. The thorns

Got Into my hand. I whimpered in pain


I realised for all those times I was in thoughts,

That I was blind to appreciate and see life in a

Beautiful dimension


The light has brought me hope through the

Eyes of the blind, eyes that can not see life but

Still appreciate life no matter how it is today…