Blind Step to Freedom


The day you arrived on earth, you came with nothing except God’s dream for you. Everything you own today came later in life including the problems that seem insurmountable. This shows that you would equally leave the problems behind because they have not come to stay. They are like those dirt’s we step upon on our way to greatness. When we get to any river we would lose them to the waters without realizing how they disappeared. You have been given talents and gifts with a special mandate to be fulfilled in this life that is what makes you the real you in you. No one can be like you or would ever take your place here on earth. It does not matter how bad your situation is, what matters is that you can change that situation, turn your family around and be all that you ever want to be. Always remember that your today’s problems didn’t arise of themselves. They are the offspring’s of your yesterday’s choice and manipulation. This is why you should ensure that you live up to the expectation that God wants you to live. Rather than wish for yesterday, be happy about your today.


Bigger than Your Dreams


Your power to live a successful, prosperous, glorious and victorious life is in your mouth. The greatest journey begins with a single step. Sometimes, that first step is the magical leap a dream takes you from your dark, the silent depths of your heart to the brilliant light and sound of your spoken word. Once you speak positively about yourself, the sound never dies.

Like ripples on a pond from a tossed stone, it reverberates on and on, back and forward, forever. Those positive words about your today and tomorrow vibrates spreads out, touches, finds resonance and harmonies and set you in motion. Before you pick your words, remember that your mind is the door to your human spirit and whatever words and thoughts you allow to go through your mind unchecked will be deposited in your spirit.

There is no grief which time does not lesson and soften


Sleeping God


Some days, you wake up feeling as if the whole world is falling on you. You might have woken up and found out that it seem as if God has turned his back on you. Maybe, it was a loved one that God took away and no one seemed to understand how you feel.


The simplest achievements of life,

as well as the bigger ones take a

little nerve.

– Marjorie Holmes

Maybe, you don’t even have faith in what you once believe or have lost confidence in God because you believe that he is not in existence. All these because of what you are passing through. You might have woken this morning with tears and so many “whys” that you have no answers to. Sometimes it might be that you have failed so much and you are scared of walking again because of an old fear of failing again. Maybe, your shoes have worn out in search of a job or you are heartbroken, betrayed or you have made a terrible mistake. It might have been that you are ashamed to discuss your problem with the closest person in your life or your beautiful home is breaking up or has broken up. Whatever, the problem is, it still doesn’t make you a rejected person in God’s kingdom. You are still very relevant in this life for there are better days ahead. It is only the living that has hope and because you have life in you, you can still chase those pretty dreams; you can fly as high as you want and there is nothing that you cannot do with life.


Sunday Rice


In Nigeria, a home that is not seen with rice on a Sunday will look as if something is wrong with it. While growing up in the village, we would always anticipate Sunday afternoon because of the rice. Eating beans on Sunday was taboo and can be embarrassing to us then. We would cry and sometimes, embarrass our families by gossiping that we ate beans on a Sunday. And for those kids who would not be able to control their crave for rice, we  would see them hanging around homes that have rice as their meals. Today, we are grown ups but this practice has not left us.  When you come to most homes in Nigeria on Sunday, you would be able to see rice that has been prepared in different kinds; fried rice, jellof rice, stew rice, coconut rice and so many others. It is only a few that make use of our local delicacies for as their choice.  These people have a choice but there are lots of people who have no choice in Nigeria when it comes to food.

This is because they are living below the poverty belt.  A lot of people would be grateful to you if you can walk out today and tomorrow and hand them a plate of food. You must not be in Nigeria to give someone a meal ticket. Life is beautiful when we share our meals. We can make the world a better place when food is shared round to those who do not have the hope of eating.

Extreme Young Wives of Africa

Birth, marriage and death are memorable events in life but the one that leaves man with a choice is marriage. It is the breeding ground of birth and creation of life, thus making it a noble event in one’s lifetime. This is not so for the “Extreme young wives of Africa” who are fighting with vesico-vagina fistula, immaturity, roles as wives and mothers, abuse and neglect. And then death, which takes advantage of the beautiful sequence of life by creating chaos and pain in the world especially for widows and children. These sets of people are also the unfortunate people who are besieged by their blood sucking relatives because of barbaric customs and traditions.


To worsen these causes, some of the educated and well to do in the society are sometimes involved in advocating for these evil practices. The most affected are women and children who have no say in custom and tradition. A lot has been done to alleviate the suffering of these people; yet, majorities are passing through untold hardship in different parts of the world because of die hard customs and traditions.  We believe that one day, these girls would be able to stand against custom and tradition that have held them bounds. And while we wait for these girls to fight for themselves, we have a voice to scream NO! to this practice.