Forever in my Closet


Most of us live in beautiful homes. I didn’t say all of us because some of us are living in homes that are not filled with luxury. However, we have what we call a home. This is not the privilege for some kids around our world.  No matter how we neglect these kids living under the bridge, in the open, inside cars that are left by the owners for day break to come, we would still come to pay for it in nearby future. Every child is our child. This is the reason we should show love to every child around us because they can become the future hope of our crumbling financial economy and world stability. However, if we let them be without care, a lot of them would be the ones shooting our grand children and kids while we watch helplessly.  Life is beautiful. If you  are thinking of how to live this beautiful life in the midst of your challenges and limitations, take away the fears and worries about tomorrow. Tomorrow is beautiful for those who believe in their dreams.

Look at these homeless kids and learn a good lesson from them. Most of them do not seem to understand that they have a need. Give them food and money and you would see how grateful they would be. Have you wondered why you still meet them healthy and happy each time you meet in their untidiness and needy condition? There is no need for them to worry about the future because tomorrow, some of them would be presidents of companies, good parents, scholars, models, celebrities and wealthy men and women. And when they tell their stories to the world, we would marvel and start having a rethink of our lives.  If you are reading this, you are one of the blessed among mankind because you have a hope to change your condition. There is nothing that can stop you from winning if you would try. It does not matter where you are today, what matters is that you have a firm believe that all things are possible. You need happiness? Make someone happy. You need love, care for these homeless kids. Do you need money? Be a giver. Whatever you need, it is right under your nose. Firstly, start with making these kids that are homeless better than you met them. Remember, every child is your child.


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