Extreme Young Wives of Africa

Birth, marriage and death are memorable events in life but the one that leaves man with a choice is marriage. It is the breeding ground of birth and creation of life, thus making it a noble event in one’s lifetime. This is not so for the “Extreme young wives of Africa” who are fighting with vesico-vagina fistula, immaturity, roles as wives and mothers, abuse and neglect. And then death, which takes advantage of the beautiful sequence of life by creating chaos and pain in the world especially for widows and children. These sets of people are also the unfortunate people who are besieged by their blood sucking relatives because of barbaric customs and traditions.


To worsen these causes, some of the educated and well to do in the society are sometimes involved in advocating for these evil practices. The most affected are women and children who have no say in custom and tradition. A lot has been done to alleviate the suffering of these people; yet, majorities are passing through untold hardship in different parts of the world because of die hard customs and traditions.  We believe that one day, these girls would be able to stand against custom and tradition that have held them bounds. And while we wait for these girls to fight for themselves, we have a voice to scream NO! to this practice.


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