Sleeping God


Some days, you wake up feeling as if the whole world is falling on you. You might have woken up and found out that it seem as if God has turned his back on you. Maybe, it was a loved one that God took away and no one seemed to understand how you feel.


The simplest achievements of life,

as well as the bigger ones take a

little nerve.

– Marjorie Holmes

Maybe, you don’t even have faith in what you once believe or have lost confidence in God because you believe that he is not in existence. All these because of what you are passing through. You might have woken this morning with tears and so many “whys” that you have no answers to. Sometimes it might be that you have failed so much and you are scared of walking again because of an old fear of failing again. Maybe, your shoes have worn out in search of a job or you are heartbroken, betrayed or you have made a terrible mistake. It might have been that you are ashamed to discuss your problem with the closest person in your life or your beautiful home is breaking up or has broken up. Whatever, the problem is, it still doesn’t make you a rejected person in God’s kingdom. You are still very relevant in this life for there are better days ahead. It is only the living that has hope and because you have life in you, you can still chase those pretty dreams; you can fly as high as you want and there is nothing that you cannot do with life.



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