Sunday Rice


In Nigeria, a home that is not seen with rice on a Sunday will look as if something is wrong with it. While growing up in the village, we would always anticipate Sunday afternoon because of the rice. Eating beans on Sunday was taboo and can be embarrassing to us then. We would cry and sometimes, embarrass our families by gossiping that we ate beans on a Sunday. And for those kids who would not be able to control their crave for rice, we  would see them hanging around homes that have rice as their meals. Today, we are grown ups but this practice has not left us.  When you come to most homes in Nigeria on Sunday, you would be able to see rice that has been prepared in different kinds; fried rice, jellof rice, stew rice, coconut rice and so many others. It is only a few that make use of our local delicacies for as their choice.  These people have a choice but there are lots of people who have no choice in Nigeria when it comes to food.

This is because they are living below the poverty belt.  A lot of people would be grateful to you if you can walk out today and tomorrow and hand them a plate of food. You must not be in Nigeria to give someone a meal ticket. Life is beautiful when we share our meals. We can make the world a better place when food is shared round to those who do not have the hope of eating.


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