Blind Step to Freedom


The day you arrived on earth, you came with nothing except God’s dream for you. Everything you own today came later in life including the problems that seem insurmountable. This shows that you would equally leave the problems behind because they have not come to stay. They are like those dirt’s we step upon on our way to greatness. When we get to any river we would lose them to the waters without realizing how they disappeared. You have been given talents and gifts with a special mandate to be fulfilled in this life that is what makes you the real you in you. No one can be like you or would ever take your place here on earth. It does not matter how bad your situation is, what matters is that you can change that situation, turn your family around and be all that you ever want to be. Always remember that your today’s problems didn’t arise of themselves. They are the offspring’s of your yesterday’s choice and manipulation. This is why you should ensure that you live up to the expectation that God wants you to live. Rather than wish for yesterday, be happy about your today.


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