The Lady i Could’nt Marry


The last time you came, you brought breakfast for me. I am the rich one but you gave me pocket money before leaving. I never knew it was going to be the last time I would set my eyes on you. Few days later, you were in Abuja and the next thing I heard was that a trailer driven by a careless driver climbed on the bus you were in.  You died with the rest without a word, Diamond. If only you opened your phone, you would have seen this text:

…I love and miss you

It was the last text I sent to you (Never knew I was sending it to your corpse). You did not even see my book cover (the long awaited book) and you died without a word.

I had a lot of plans for us. Today, I want the world to know what I had for you.


I wanted kids clothed on white to sing while we match in. I would be on white tuxedo and purple shirt while you would be on white (even though I teased you once that you would be on yellow). Our official wedding car would have been an old Volkswagen (I meant it).


I wanted only two kids, a boy and a girl. The boy would learn how to play keyboard and other musical instrument while the girl would go for dance lessons and learn how to sing as hobbies.

But your corpse is coming back now mangle and destroyed without looking pretty like you again. I am sorry; I cannot attend this funeral because I am broken and cannot bear to see you in this state. I never cried for my dad when he died but tears are still rolling out whenever I am alone.  You came like a butterfly and disappeared.  You became a light that was set in my life that I cannot still believe you are gone.

I Love You.





My Sister with High Heel Shoes


my sister has always been a wonderful person until she turned 18. she was supposed to be in the university studying like the God fearing girl she has always been. Unfortunately, she found  solace in high heel shoes every night. This means she was not going to sleep while others were sleeping because she is into prostitution. In the night when other students are sleeping she would be with men as old as our father. whatever they are doing i do not know.The only thing that i know is that my pastor condemns those who use high heel shoes while others are sleeping. I am the only person who knows what she is doing because we are in the same school and also my elder sister. Some nights when i am coming back late from class, i would see my sister dressed in a manner that is not encouraging to me, her younger sister. The room we have rented is now my room because i hardly see my sister except early in the morning when she crashes inside our room smelling booze and smoke.

What has come over my sister? I am so ashamed of myself not even her because the stigma is huge if i should report her to our polygamous family. And reason why i cannot tell a soul is because she is paying for a lot of things our parents cannot give us.i am torn between my education and the sanity of my sister. What do i do? I cannot leave her alone because that would destroy her the more.  I wonder what i would do to save her from this plight because she would end up becoming my liability tomorrow when i graduate from school and start working. Of course, she is never going to graduate because she has been rusticated for malpractices in her second year as a Law student. Today, she has found a hope in this high heel shoe job for ladies  of the night.

I am so sad because she gave up her night for me to be a good student. I wonder how i would be able to pay her enough for this privilege

Hidden in Broken Hearts


In most developing countries, the rich are the ones whose crimes are forgiven or are not considered a crime. This has made them the highest offenders when it comes to custom and tradition. Most times, they fuel these barbaric die hard custom and tradition like female genital mulitation. The number of people who are subjected to these sufferings can not be accounted for by the government or their religion because they are believed to be a part of life. Untold stories are hidden in broken hearts till death do them part because there are no available program to handle their cases in some places.

Pay lip attention is sometimes the plight of these people by their government and when things like this happens, these people take the laws into their hands by inflicting pain on others who may be innocent of their causes and sometimes, trust is lost. The latter is the greatest problem when it comes to handling these people. Awareness is little and sponsorship for projects on these is nothing to write home about in some parts of the world. And, finally the redemption most times are not really given the publicity and exposure they require. Today, there is a need to fight against this past that would not allow the future to be blameless.  You may not experience this if you are in the Modern world but in developing countries, it is much. however, you can help people passing through untold pain in the name of custom and tradition by writing against it. Push this along. Every Child is your child.

My Ten Year Old Daughter’s Husband

Children as little as twelve years old are already with babies to polygamous husbands as old as their fathers. Some are used to settle long-term loans and others betrothed while they were babies. Currently, well to do in some countries including Nigeria, the case study is taking these children to supplement their wives/wife. These have denied most of these girls’ equal rights as humans and most importantly, their education as they struggle to meet up as wives, mothers and also children. Even the laws, most times are difficult to implement to these defaulters.  Rehabilitation of these people is not really executed and even when it is in place, majorities do not take part in the program because of fear and lack of trust.


A lot of things have been done to stop early child marriage, especially in the northern part of Nigeria and still, the practice is not stopped. There are untold stories of young girls who are either forced into early marriage or betrothed to man as old as their fathers. Some of them die during child delivery while many are condemned to a life of perpetual suffering and hardship. So many documentaries have been done on this barbaric custom to stop this practice but the more these victims are helped the more, more innocent girls are forced into this practice in the name of religion and custom. African families without a boy is not complete and this has affected the up bring of girls who are taken as slaves or debt redeemers to some families. They are believed to be the ones who don’t have a belonging in the family but unfortunately, they are the ones who remember their families and support families that might have treated them badly. Because of the roles that girls play in the family, it is very important that we see that they are not maltreated or sold like ram to men.

Better Tomorrow


Take away all the rags and filth in your life. Make yourself happier than you are and see the impact it would have in your life. Forget the past and think about the future where you would rule. You are first to none, a rare gem. It doesn’t matter how slow you are or what people think about you, your end would justify your means. Remember no one has the right to make you inferior neither is there any life threatening problems that can defect you except if you allow it.
Anytime, God wants to bring you up, he first takes you down so that you can climb with your knees.

Regardless of where you are, regardless of what you do or who you are, the tasks and responsibilities before you, the challenges of your days play a vital role in your life on earth. If you expect things to happen instantly then you must be missing the package of success. If you can do things easily and get immediate results always then you have lost touch with the rhythm of the earthly with the march of the seasons. The secret of your success is in your daily routine

The thief within You

My desire,

I have watched you over time when life snares at you. Firstly, I have given you as a gift to life but not for it to take advantage of you. Then, the life you live is My grace and not life’s property. It is only a caretaker which reports back to me about your progress. And it does these necessary challenges to see how far you can stand the pressure of being a champion in life. The problem I have with you is the thief that steals from you and makes you helpless to fight life when it pulls out challenge for you. To compound your woes you sometimes give this thief called fear to take dominion of the house I personally built for you. The house which is your heart. I am the Lord, your God, My desire. I am holding your right hand as life snares at you with challenges, sickness, failure, sickness, failure and any type of its craftiness. It is me who is saying to you; “Do not fear, I will help you. Now I will make you a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth, for you to thresh this thief and crush every of life’s ploy against your life. But now, I am equally saying that it is I who created and formed you. And, so do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you. You will not stumble to those things that the thief within you is threatening you with.

My desire, I have called you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the rivers of difficulties, they cannot drown you. When you walk through fire of raging circumstances, you can never be burnt and the flames shall not consume you because you are precious in My sight. Look, I will give people in return for you, nations in exchange for your life. I have grasped your right hand to subdue nations of failure before you and stripped kings of their robes to open door before you. You must catch that thief within you because he is around to steal these rare privileges from you. It is I who formed your world and made it from nothing. I didn’t create it a chaos as the thief within you must have made this life to be. Do not fear that thief any longer whose name coincidentally is ‘Fear’ too because you will not be ashamed. Do not be discouraged, for you will not suffer disgrace. You will forget the shame of your youth and the disgrace of your unproductively will you not remember. You are not on earth to be timid; fear is the false assurance of failure becoming real to the fearful. Henceforth, do not be afraid, stand firm and see deliverance that I will accomplish for you today. The fearful things which you see today, you shall see them no more. I will fight for you and you have only to keep your faith and capture this thief within you.

Yours forever, God

Telephone Conversation


God, it is man calling. I am calling about your love

Your love… I don’t understand. I mean I can’t understand

Why your love for me never ceases.



You have filled my world with food but I blame you for

Hunger. You give me a blue sky and I pray for rain

You send down rain, I beg for the sun

When you give me sunlight, I complain of the heat


I express more love to the opposite sex than Christ

You sent to die for me. You give me love and I am busy killing people in the name of war. You have given me the good

Things of life and I have created poverty for others. When you don’t act fast for me, I declare malice and war against you,

My creator. Yet your love for me never ceases.


I pollute the world you loan to me and mistreat the body you

Gave me. You have every reason to abandon me but you wouldn’t let go of me. Even my evil cannot diminish your love for me. My goodness cannot increase it. My faith…my faith does not earn it more than my stupidity jeopardizes it.

You love me for who I am believing I would perfect the work you gave me. In your love I am becoming better, hoping to love you the way you love me