Time to Build A City without Walls

          There is a time for everything on earth, you don’t throw some seeds on the grounds and expect them to yield an abundant harvest. The fields must be tilled; carefully tilled and cared for. Even if you do this, it doesn’t stop there. The seeds you plant must be nourished and cared for with the water of hope and sunshine of love and faith. Then can you plant them and have that special patience to wait for them to grow.


          That is how our lives on earth are. Things don’t just happen like a miracle always for you. Sometimes, you are going to be the miracle worker for a miracle to happen in your life. You are not the only person on planet earth with a challenge. The good thing about any challenge is that you can overcome it. Success is like a seed that must be planted with love and faith for it to germinate. But it does not end in planting the seeds of your innovations on your fertile ground if you did plant in the right soil. It is one thing to plant a seed and another, thing to know how the seed would survive in the soil you’d planted it.

The largest room for all is the room for improvement.

-Walter Mackey

          In waiting for these seeds germinate, it is inevitable that you will run up against obstacles that would try your faith and test the limits of your endurance. This is where patience comes in. What do you do? Do you uproot those delicate seeds out of the ground because of the challenges and obstacles? Atimes, as we climb to our personal summit it appears that our path is blocked and further progress will be impossible and dismayed. We might believe that we have travelled far and suffered for naught.

          It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness



 When we come to this stage, what do most of us do? We run. We abandon our cherished projects because we have failed once or twice. We may end up bitter and afraid of undertaking other projects. Life doesn’t wait for you. It simply moves on but not without you. It must carry you along because you are still alive. The only difference now is that it would detect for you because you have refused to move head on with your life purpose. You then end up a slave to it. That’s what happens to millions of successful people who fails and doesn’t know how to start again. Life makes them successful failures.

The good thing about life is that it is hope.

The greatest discovery in life is to discover your purpose in life.

                     -Archie Aseme



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