Telephone Conversation


God, it is man calling. I am calling about your love

Your love… I don’t understand. I mean I can’t understand

Why your love for me never ceases.



You have filled my world with food but I blame you for

Hunger. You give me a blue sky and I pray for rain

You send down rain, I beg for the sun

When you give me sunlight, I complain of the heat


I express more love to the opposite sex than Christ

You sent to die for me. You give me love and I am busy killing people in the name of war. You have given me the good

Things of life and I have created poverty for others. When you don’t act fast for me, I declare malice and war against you,

My creator. Yet your love for me never ceases.


I pollute the world you loan to me and mistreat the body you

Gave me. You have every reason to abandon me but you wouldn’t let go of me. Even my evil cannot diminish your love for me. My goodness cannot increase it. My faith…my faith does not earn it more than my stupidity jeopardizes it.

You love me for who I am believing I would perfect the work you gave me. In your love I am becoming better, hoping to love you the way you love me


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