My Ten Year Old Daughter’s Husband

Children as little as twelve years old are already with babies to polygamous husbands as old as their fathers. Some are used to settle long-term loans and others betrothed while they were babies. Currently, well to do in some countries including Nigeria, the case study is taking these children to supplement their wives/wife. These have denied most of these girls’ equal rights as humans and most importantly, their education as they struggle to meet up as wives, mothers and also children. Even the laws, most times are difficult to implement to these defaulters.  Rehabilitation of these people is not really executed and even when it is in place, majorities do not take part in the program because of fear and lack of trust.


A lot of things have been done to stop early child marriage, especially in the northern part of Nigeria and still, the practice is not stopped. There are untold stories of young girls who are either forced into early marriage or betrothed to man as old as their fathers. Some of them die during child delivery while many are condemned to a life of perpetual suffering and hardship. So many documentaries have been done on this barbaric custom to stop this practice but the more these victims are helped the more, more innocent girls are forced into this practice in the name of religion and custom. African families without a boy is not complete and this has affected the up bring of girls who are taken as slaves or debt redeemers to some families. They are believed to be the ones who don’t have a belonging in the family but unfortunately, they are the ones who remember their families and support families that might have treated them badly. Because of the roles that girls play in the family, it is very important that we see that they are not maltreated or sold like ram to men.


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