Hidden in Broken Hearts


In most developing countries, the rich are the ones whose crimes are forgiven or are not considered a crime. This has made them the highest offenders when it comes to custom and tradition. Most times, they fuel these barbaric die hard custom and tradition like female genital mulitation. The number of people who are subjected to these sufferings can not be accounted for by the government or their religion because they are believed to be a part of life. Untold stories are hidden in broken hearts till death do them part because there are no available program to handle their cases in some places.

Pay lip attention is sometimes the plight of these people by their government and when things like this happens, these people take the laws into their hands by inflicting pain on others who may be innocent of their causes and sometimes, trust is lost. The latter is the greatest problem when it comes to handling these people. Awareness is little and sponsorship for projects on these is nothing to write home about in some parts of the world. And, finally the redemption most times are not really given the publicity and exposure they require. Today, there is a need to fight against this past that would not allow the future to be blameless.  You may not experience this if you are in the Modern world but in developing countries, it is much. however, you can help people passing through untold pain in the name of custom and tradition by writing against it. Push this along. Every Child is your child.


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