My Sister with High Heel Shoes


my sister has always been a wonderful person until she turned 18. she was supposed to be in the university studying like the God fearing girl she has always been. Unfortunately, she found  solace in high heel shoes every night. This means she was not going to sleep while others were sleeping because she is into prostitution. In the night when other students are sleeping she would be with men as old as our father. whatever they are doing i do not know.The only thing that i know is that my pastor condemns those who use high heel shoes while others are sleeping. I am the only person who knows what she is doing because we are in the same school and also my elder sister. Some nights when i am coming back late from class, i would see my sister dressed in a manner that is not encouraging to me, her younger sister. The room we have rented is now my room because i hardly see my sister except early in the morning when she crashes inside our room smelling booze and smoke.

What has come over my sister? I am so ashamed of myself not even her because the stigma is huge if i should report her to our polygamous family. And reason why i cannot tell a soul is because she is paying for a lot of things our parents cannot give us.i am torn between my education and the sanity of my sister. What do i do? I cannot leave her alone because that would destroy her the more.  I wonder what i would do to save her from this plight because she would end up becoming my liability tomorrow when i graduate from school and start working. Of course, she is never going to graduate because she has been rusticated for malpractices in her second year as a Law student. Today, she has found a hope in this high heel shoe job for ladies  of the night.

I am so sad because she gave up her night for me to be a good student. I wonder how i would be able to pay her enough for this privilege


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