The Lady i Could’nt Marry


The last time you came, you brought breakfast for me. I am the rich one but you gave me pocket money before leaving. I never knew it was going to be the last time I would set my eyes on you. Few days later, you were in Abuja and the next thing I heard was that a trailer driven by a careless driver climbed on the bus you were in.  You died with the rest without a word, Diamond. If only you opened your phone, you would have seen this text:

…I love and miss you

It was the last text I sent to you (Never knew I was sending it to your corpse). You did not even see my book cover (the long awaited book) and you died without a word.

I had a lot of plans for us. Today, I want the world to know what I had for you.


I wanted kids clothed on white to sing while we match in. I would be on white tuxedo and purple shirt while you would be on white (even though I teased you once that you would be on yellow). Our official wedding car would have been an old Volkswagen (I meant it).


I wanted only two kids, a boy and a girl. The boy would learn how to play keyboard and other musical instrument while the girl would go for dance lessons and learn how to sing as hobbies.

But your corpse is coming back now mangle and destroyed without looking pretty like you again. I am sorry; I cannot attend this funeral because I am broken and cannot bear to see you in this state. I never cried for my dad when he died but tears are still rolling out whenever I am alone.  You came like a butterfly and disappeared.  You became a light that was set in my life that I cannot still believe you are gone.

I Love You.





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