Eve and Christmas



Where do I begin my story? There are so many women doing heavy shopping as if the end of the world has come. Children are seen excited here and there anticipating tomorrow’s rice. This is the interior of Africa where rice is a special meal. For the ladies who are unfortunate do not take care of their hair, they are stressed out at saloons waiting endlessly for their turn. The good thing is that they would all look prettier in the morning tomorrow. For some of the men, there are silently calculating the money they are overspending. It is as if they have saved all the year to spend it within few of days to Christmas.   Everything is done with good will because Christmas must be exciting. It does not matter if they are living under the poverty belt. What matters is that they have something to be grateful for. Once, a year Christmas would come and go. However, if every day is Christmas, the world would be a better place.  Happy Christmas


Who Told You This?


You were born for such a time as this – you came at the right time. There’s a reason you weren’t born a century ago or a century from now; God purposed and planned that you would come in this generation, to be the answer to questions of people in this generation. You are not a mistake on the scene. God knew that it was your time to rule your world and make an impact in this generation.  Millions of people are hanging on your success to succeed. When you succeed, someone would benefit by your success and the circle would continue to bridge this gap between the rich and the poor. Imagine that! If you don’t succeed, someone may never reach his or her goal. You are here to make the world better than you met it. So you should not allow worries to ruin your pathway in this life.

                   Each child carries his own blessing into the world.

    -Yiddish Proverb

That was why God allowed you to be born. When you know this; you’ll get out of the league of failures and complainers. God wants your world to know how big you are going to be in this life. You are from God and have overcome the problems you are passing through; because for whatever is born of God overcomes the world and this is the victory that has overcome the world – your faith.


Scary Christmas



imagesHave you been to the malls, shops and markets lately? It is as if there is this madness of shopping for things we need and things we do not need. Most people are buying because they want to impress their guests, some to intimidate those around them while some are buying with good intention. The fact remains every shopping is for a purpose, making the last few days of the year unforgettable.  The fever of Christmas shopping is contagious. It is spreading like whirl fire that no one has been able to raise the alarm. This is because everyone has gotten the fever of making this Christmas special.

The money we could not spend on ourselves, the luxury we thought was expensive for us, the food we did not want to prepare on a normal day and the places we could not travel to because of work, we are about embarking on them. It is indeed a scary Christmas. However, we should remember something; it does not end with “I” but “We”. Remember that there are a lot of people around you who may not be able to get special things for themselves. A little from you can change their lives forever. Live like a king this festive period. Life is Beautiful.

Letter from the Village to You




Along the Fulani Route

Fulani People’s Village

4th December,2012


Dear Head master, Sir,

Good morning, head master, sir; this is me Raheelah Ahmed, Mai geida who sells groundnut to you and your pupils during break periods. I am the doctor daughter of Mallam Ahmed, who has a house on top of the hill along the Fulani root route. I am eighteen years old and should shood be in elementary four but I am not. Some pupils call me ‘Yarinya maralafiya’ but I am not sick. It is only baba, Aliu and mama that have the helping disease called Aids. My father, who sold you count cow cow last two sallahs is dead die with Aliu, my butter brother because of this sickness.

Today, mama is sick and the herbalist wood would not her because he is afraid of contacting the disease. I am scared sacred that mama wood would soon die like Aliu. All our relatives half have have left us too making me the bread winner of the family because no one would wood would help us. And, because of all these I half have stopped school. This was a long time ago but I steal still come to class hiding.

I am sorry, headmaster, sir that I am telling you this as I no know how hard heart you are on pupils who come to school without paying their school fees. I always stay behind the window of elementary four, the class I have stopped school. No one was aware of this until yesterday’s afternoon during the fifth period. I was caught cut by the pupil who made fan fun fun and tore my book. It was the teachers that saved me. Please headmaster, sir, I don’t have enough money from my grandnut groundnut sell to enroll butt but I would pay as soon as it is complete if you allow me come bark back to school. My mother said I would mark make a good teacher and I believe her if you would give me the opportunity to prove myself. Headmaster, sir, I want what want to come back and learn in class. I miss mix the sittingand writing from the blackboard and would love to stop hiding to learn. Please headmaster, sir, I pray that you help me. Insha Allah, I would pay my school fees.

It is me

Raheelah Ahmed


Every Day is Xmas


challengesIn our everyday, we come to face a lot of challenges that may seem so insurmountable that we sometimes give up our beliefs and faith. I got so much disappointment, wondered if God was still in heaven and thought that prayers were no longer answered while growing up. In my belief, I became an unbeliever and in my unbelief, life still made me a firm believer. It was also in this life that I got my strength in my darkest moments. I have learn to understand that life is about hope and happiness. It does  not matter what you are passing through, because the best things in life are always free. Your breathing and health are examples of free things from God.

This is the reason why you don’t need to look at your yesterday and define yourself. Your life should be an upward and forward life movement. There shouldn’t be any challenges that would be able to make you whimper. You are who you say you are..

Impossibilities were made possible if only you can believe in you…