Every Day is Xmas


challengesIn our everyday, we come to face a lot of challenges that may seem so insurmountable that we sometimes give up our beliefs and faith. I got so much disappointment, wondered if God was still in heaven and thought that prayers were no longer answered while growing up. In my belief, I became an unbeliever and in my unbelief, life still made me a firm believer. It was also in this life that I got my strength in my darkest moments. I have learn to understand that life is about hope and happiness. It does  not matter what you are passing through, because the best things in life are always free. Your breathing and health are examples of free things from God.

This is the reason why you don’t need to look at your yesterday and define yourself. Your life should be an upward and forward life movement. There shouldn’t be any challenges that would be able to make you whimper. You are who you say you are..

Impossibilities were made possible if only you can believe in you…




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