Scary Christmas



imagesHave you been to the malls, shops and markets lately? It is as if there is this madness of shopping for things we need and things we do not need. Most people are buying because they want to impress their guests, some to intimidate those around them while some are buying with good intention. The fact remains every shopping is for a purpose, making the last few days of the year unforgettable.  The fever of Christmas shopping is contagious. It is spreading like whirl fire that no one has been able to raise the alarm. This is because everyone has gotten the fever of making this Christmas special.

The money we could not spend on ourselves, the luxury we thought was expensive for us, the food we did not want to prepare on a normal day and the places we could not travel to because of work, we are about embarking on them. It is indeed a scary Christmas. However, we should remember something; it does not end with “I” but “We”. Remember that there are a lot of people around you who may not be able to get special things for themselves. A little from you can change their lives forever. Live like a king this festive period. Life is Beautiful.


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