Eve and Christmas



Where do I begin my story? There are so many women doing heavy shopping as if the end of the world has come. Children are seen excited here and there anticipating tomorrow’s rice. This is the interior of Africa where rice is a special meal. For the ladies who are unfortunate do not take care of their hair, they are stressed out at saloons waiting endlessly for their turn. The good thing is that they would all look prettier in the morning tomorrow. For some of the men, there are silently calculating the money they are overspending. It is as if they have saved all the year to spend it within few of days to Christmas.   Everything is done with good will because Christmas must be exciting. It does not matter if they are living under the poverty belt. What matters is that they have something to be grateful for. Once, a year Christmas would come and go. However, if every day is Christmas, the world would be a better place.  Happy Christmas


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