Cry no More Mama


Widowhood should be a time to be pampered by relatives and loved ones. This should be a moment of sober reflection for those who believed that their husbands would not die when they would not take care of them. However, in most part of the developing world,, this is an era to suffer from their mishaps. Relatives suddenly become enemies because they want to eat from the livelihood source of these women.

In some places, these women do not have a say in how their properties would be shared.  And they are left in the mighty hand of God to care for their kids. Education seems to make little sense when this culture of confiscating the properties of widows comes to play.  The tears of these women can only be heard in the night when every one of us must have slept. The future looks bleak when those with kids as young as five have nowhere to run to.  Cry no More Mama!!! The future is beautiful. Do not mind what you see today no matter how hard things might seem. The challenges are just mirages to what you would encounter in the future. If only you see the bright future, you would stop crying.


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