My Kid Without Hope



They are called ‘witches of Akwa Ibom’. You see them round playing daredevils on most highways in the Eastern part of Nigeria as beggars. And because these little kids have been being condemned with word of mouth as agents of darkness, they live the life of slaves.  The reason why these kids have become the most horrible of humans is simple. When a tragedy happens to a family, the affected person(s) look for whom to lay the blame upon. And mostly these culprits are innocent kids who cannot defend themselves. It is the affected persons that are held responsible but those who called themselves  ‘Exorcism pastors’.


These pastors have turned to be monsters who have raked the lives of our innocent people.  Some of these maimed kids could have become the future that the world is waiting for. The world could have gotten the cure for HIV/Aids if some of these people were given a fair treat in life. Today, we have seen these ‘assumed witches’ cause havoc in our society because they are angry with life.


They have been manhandled, burnt with fire, given acid baths, rejected and abandoned. What does the future hold for them? How long this barbaric custom would continues?  This is a question we should be asking ourselves. Every kid is our child



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