The Running Afro-Woman


She runs in the lonely night forgetting those deadly plaques and stalks in the night. Running away from life that has dealt terribly with her, not minding that she is just 17. The night workers stared in awe as she tied the rope to a tree and hang herself.  What is the reason for this unfortunate event? The typical Africa woman has a lot of things to pass through if she must fulfill her role as a wife, mother and lover. The man is not guilty of any crime even when he maltreats her. The death may not necessarily be ‘real death’ but emotional death.


Why must it be her? Taking the blame while he goes scot free, as if he was not the culprit. She wanted to end the misery that had befallen her because of a silly mistake. Was it because she is the one getting pregnant? So many questions that we cannot ask because the woman is considered a weakling. And in her pretty nature, she concealed emotional trauma that kept her crying in the nights.


Yet in the mist of her abuse, domestic crisis and struggle through life she finds herself at the giving end. Standing on the pathway of hope, human trafficking, prostitution, incent and so many other social ills. In close doors she screamed as razor cut through her in the name of female genital mutilation .Who is capturing her scenes? Thanks goodness avian flu is for the birds mainly, if not she would have being the victim.


Cameras rolled, microphones raised and snapshots on her in her destitute state because she is the only means of making news. All these aim to raise funds for politic motives and economic summits in other different parts of the world. The man is never captured in these ugly scenes because of the belief that he would not melt the heart of the donor war hunger. Religious crisis and rituals are taking toll on her; the pride of savanna and in her predicaments. And also, selfish minds take advantage of her to satisfy their desires.


And to cover her inadequacies, she gets attached to a man that is not perfect. Sometimes, this man fails her and thus her life battle begins. When she opens her eyes to what she is prone to, challenges ties her  up as a sheep for slaughter, the old friends disappear,  habits, pains and financial crisis treats her like a leper. These battles she either conquers or bows to. So many Ngo’s and government policies are trying to curb this African woman menace from the waterfront and when the war ends they realize that the menace took the backdoor to ambush her.







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