When Nature Snares at Papa


He should have been the head of his family but he is not. The reason why Papa would not sleep is because he is unable to meet his responsibility as the man of the house. He lost his job because he was unable to stop drinking and spending money on strange women he met. He does not remember that he has family whenever he collects the little he was paid as a bank manager in our local bank. It was mama who would use the little she gets from her stall at the street market in feeding the family. He refused to train us because the other women told him we were not responsible.

He would come home drunk and beat mama when she was unable to serve him better meal from her purse. And when one day, he came home crying because he was sacked from his lucrative job. This was a job that did not take care of any member of the family. The table suddenly turns; i became a lawyer, Nonye, a doctor, Uju, wife of a politician. And we took mama away to where she would never suffer any longer.

Today, mama moves from one wonderful to another because she was there for us when needed help. For papa, he is still in his old house. It is not that we hate him. We only visit home once a year and that’s when mama feels like. He does not deserve to be around mama who he once poured hot water for giving him a watery soup. He deserves to be alone. What do you think?


One thought on “When Nature Snares at Papa

  1. Truely, pap didn’t D̶̲̥̅̊Õ̳͡ well at all but he still remain †ђξ father of †ђξ house aswell as mama’s husband, so both of them needs each other at all time. Remember †ђξ marrital vow that they exchanged at †ђξ alter

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