Smiling Angel that is Bedridden



Life ceased to make a meaning to her three years ago. It was as if God has forsaken her when she woke from the accident scene. People would look at her and give up on her because she was crushed on the spinal cord by a drunken driver. The only person who never gave up on her was her. She refused to give in to the doctor’s prognosis because she still wants to hold her kids.

Three years have gone and she is bedridden. The accident has got her paralyzed in the legs and hands that she cannot even hold a piece of paper.  I met her this weekend and could not help admiring her hope and courage. Each day, she wakes with anticipation that one of her fingers would at least respond.  She is taking her journey gradual because she knows that one day in the future, her dead body would come back to life.

Whenever she wakes each day, she would smile for being alive one more day. She would give thanks for life and wait to be taken care of. I felt guilty for being such an ungrateful fellow who wakes and rush my prayers to God. I cannot remember the last time i sat down to appreciate how lucky i am to be healthy…


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