Strangers in the Dark




While growing up, I was not surrounded by love because I had a step mum who would not want me to be useful in this life. I was three when mum died and life became hell for me. Dad suddenly became a stranger when he got married to my step mum.  He was not concerned about my welfare because he said that I reminded him of mum. I became a leper to him because he would get angry over nothing even on the dining table and lash at me. Sometimes, I am sent to bed without dinner because of reasons I cannot understand.

And when I was seven, I become a slave to the increasing family. I was stopped from attending school because my step mum forced dad to withdraw me. She wanted her kids to have the best in their education. And I dropped out despite the fact that dad was rich. Some nights, I would be sent for errands that a boy of my age should not be sent. And to make life more miserable for me, she began to send me to hawk in the evening and morning. Money was not the issue because the family was not doing badly.

I was a hawker because she convinced dad that I was getting irresponsible without a mother’s guidance. And the only way I would become responsible is to hawk goods on the highway. I became a business child at seven when my mates were studying to become doctors and lawyers.  I was diligent to make profits which always anger my step mum. Everything she tries to use in hurting me became my stepping stone to success.

I met strangers who needed support with their vehicles especially in the night. And when I became eighteen, I was no longer living in my parents house but on an abandoned car on the road. This was my storage room for my goods and home.  By the time I was 21, I have employed more than fifteen street kids as employees. And at 23, I have become a successful entrepreneur who has a house and a car.

Yesterday, I was interviewed by the local television station to tell the world about my life. I could not become a doctor but i earn more than any doctor in the state, I did not grow with love, I have a lovely family I have given love. What I could not get while growing up, I have them today. The reason is simply believing in myself.


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