We all have one life to live. This means nobody has the right to subject another to modern slavery in the name of love. Sometimes, I cannot help but imagine what sort of love would make a man pour acid on a woman he claims he loves, beat her to coma and maltreat her. Why should it always be the woman who suffers from the blunt of love?


In the beginning, the men are seen promising heaven’s treasure even though they are on earth to their ladies. I do not blame any lady for falling into this because it is their nature to love with their hearts. This is the reason why they are called mother. They are willing to give up for their family. Many have died in their efforts to protect the ones they love. However, most men are taking advantage of this soft nature in molesting them.


Together forever is what is pledged on different locations all over the world when a ring is given to a lady. However, the circle of this faithful ring that promises to the protector of the ladies suddenly becomes a predator. Sometimes, we do not hear their tears and bitterness in the night because everyone must have slept before they talk to God.

Hmm…When would this abuse stop?



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