African Woman and Baby-enh


Today is not mother’s days but it can be a day to celebrate the lives of every woman on earth. I have not told my mum how she much she means to me this week neither have i been able to tell my wife she is the center of my life. Of course, ‘I Love You’ have taken over our vocabulary that we are no longer appreciate or understand what we mean when we say, ‘I Love You’. It is not too late because we can actually do it today…



She wakes before everyone in the house to

Prepare for the new day. Then she begins to

Wake each of us except me the little one


With one hand she lifts me out of the ground to

Her back when I announce my waking up with

Cries of not seeing her beside me


At her back she ties me tightly with her

Wrapper, pounding with the pestle that is

Taller than her. Sweat rolls down as she

Prepares the morning meal


As she drops the meal from fire, she is

Setting the table for food. There is no free time

For Nne, every second count to make our home

Immediately after the meal, she is putting

Another meal on fire.


Nne, would not eat until everyone us was filled

Before she eats. With food waiting for us in the

Afternoon that has not come. She picks our

Clothes to the stream.


We must not wear dirty clothes because she

Makes such that they were watched before put

Them on. Immediately, she comes back, food

is served


She does not have any thing that tells her the

Time to carry out her house chore because she

Knows when to do what



Our bathing water ready in the evening before

She brings in the last meal of the day and

She stays behind to clear the plates after the



After all that, she would sing me to sleep before

Going back to finish what i might have not

allow her to complete when i was awake



That is how Nne does each day that i wonder if

She ever sleeps at all. God, bless my Nne of me

because life would not have been better than

this without her


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