We smile. This is the nature of man because that is one of the most beautiful things in life. However, when the act of smiling becomes pain, something is definitely wrong. I have always advocated for ladies all over the world. However, in this story, I would not support a lady who would torture herself to smile.  In some parts of the world, there is this practice of tattooing the gums to be black for a whiter smile.  This is also said that this would prevent bad breath and protect the gums.

It should be understood that a woman would definitely go under a needle to have this achievement… Does this mean that smile is now very expensive or a torture? This is what I cannot support. When was the last time you smiled? You would support me that it is a free gift to mankind. Even the every old smile…

The quest for beautiful smile can win you gold. It can soften the heart of a hardened man and can give you food on your table. Do you wonder why comedians are paid heavily? Simple, they make you laugh until tears come out of your eyes. Does this mean that they are happy people? Some are very happy while the rest are angry people who use their talents for money alone. And cannot make themselves smile after shows.

Well, It is a beautiful day. It does not matter what you are passing through. What matters is how you take care of it. And I believe, smiling is a therapy that would make you look young… Try it now


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