Every day should have been the day I celebrate you in my life. I must not wait for Valentine before I truly tell you how much you mean to me. When was the last time I gave you a present, took you round town or even walked with you? Can I remember? I have come to take for granted the expression of love I have for you. It is not that I do not love you…I do. I love you and would always do. However, I am wondering if I have been cute enough to always make you special.

In the beginning, I barley sleeps without think of making the next day special…Am I still doing this? Or have I allowed activities and work to take over us. This is the reason why I want to come back again as that ‘Love’ of your life who would always make you happier. There is no need to wait and express my love for you before Valentine.

Today, I am becoming a better person for you. I would love you with all my heart and renew my commitment to you. Life is beautiful…That is what matters. There is no need waiting for that special occasion to tell that person you appreciate and love that person.

You may not know what would happen next…It may not be a spouse or loved one. It may be your boss in the office, your priest, your neighbor that you have never spoken with…Everyone is your loved one. Lets make  the world a better place as we pollute it with love.Remember, it does not cost to love…


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