Waiting for light



In the dark I sat depressed and disillusioned

By life with good reason to cry beside a

Withered garden, waiting for the light


Form nowhere appeared a child with a rose

Flower from the garden. He sat close to me and

Heaved a sigh of relief


“It is for you” he whispered to me. “It smells

Pretty” I looked at the withered flower and

Frowned. To let him go, I reached for the



But instead of placing the flower on my opened

Palms, he held it in mid air without dropping

The flower. I frowned the more


The light came and we stood to see differently

, I saw him blind and he noticed that I

Was not appreciating life, his flower


I heard my voice quivered, “Just what I

Needed” I took the flower from the air. He

Smiled, “How beautiful is the sun?” tears

Ran down my cheeks


“Very beautiful” I replied amidst tears. He

Smiled the more and left with the light.

Tapping the wall and ground to find his way

Through the eyes of the blind



And then, I held that withered flower up to my

Nose and breathed in the fragrance. The thorns

Got Into my hand. I whimpered in pain


I realised for all those times I was in thoughts,

That I was blind to appreciate and see life in a

Beautiful dimension


The light has brought me hope through the

Eyes of the blind, eyes that can not see life but

Still appreciate life no matter how it is today…




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