After Today…What About tomorrow?


After Today…What About tomorrow?


Do we promise heaven and earth for that special one today without a rethink? If we can shower people with love today, what about tomorrow, next week and always…Do we forget that loving is our life? It is unfortunate that a lot of people would want to wait for special occasions before they can appreciate someone.


The world can be better if we can lay down hate, malice and anger each time we are hurt. If we can stop hating and start loving those who are not fair to us, they would definitely come back to love. The reason why evil reigns is because most of us has spoken wrongly to those who hurt us or anger us. We might not say it out that we are not happy but once our heart is clouded  with hate, the ripples overflow and affects the person…


Today, we can share love. This means that we can share it tomorrow and always. We should embrace love every moment. If we can always appreciate everyone the way we are doing today, life would be prettier…Happy Val.




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