In our lives, we come to a point when we are so pissed that we forget to forgive someone. What does it take to forgive? It takes a lot and also nothing depending on the condition that you were offended. However, forgiving is rewarding.

If we can forgive more, the world would be a better place. See how much we have stuffed our beautiful world with hate and malice…Imagine a world without hate, pain and anger. It is simply a paradise that only be best imagined.

If you can look back today and recall all those you have not forgiven and forgive them, you would have a better life to live. It does not matter what the person did, if you can forgive, it can be forgotten…That is the beauty of life.

We are not perfect neither are you, learn to say sorry if even when you are offended, it is a magic that cures poverty and life challenges.


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