She has loved him with so much passion that she could barely see all his deceits and cheats. It was not as if she was stupid to love the wrong guy, she was loving to make the wrong guy a better person.

This is the reason why we see most ladies loving the wrong guy, the spiteful husband, the abusive spouse and are not willing to leave no matter how bad they are maltreated. They cry and vow to leave but when they remember that they are the help that these ungrateful guys need, they stay back.

Don’t think that these lovely ladies are stupid to love…One day they would leave and the guys who have  been kicking them like dirt suddenly realize that they have lost a gem. Guess what? Do you know, these guys pay for these crime on ladies.  The question is, will they have to wait until these ladies leave before they realise their folly?

You may not be doing great for your spouse, friend, mother, father, kids and most importantly on yourself lately, this is time to lay off all the hurt and anger and become a better lover…You are a loving human and as such, make others happier today and give yourself a wonderful treat…You are the best.


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