Have you ever woken up with heaviness, felt as if the challenges you are facing would crush you? And yet, you are living today without remembering such time. This is the beauty of life, there is no type of problem that would not come and go like the dusts you step upon every day. No matter how sticky the challenges might be like a stepped chew gum under your shoe, it would definitely leave.


This is how the obstacles and challenges of life can, right under your feet. It does not matter how difficult life may turn out to be, if you can only see it as something that is below your power to conquer, you will definitely win. However, if you see your challenges beyond your power, you are definitely going down with it.


Make rain fall in your desert…How can you achieve this? Take every condition as a stepping stone to a successful life. Make every negative situation positive with positive words and win win attitude…This is what will help you be a rainmaker in life.


Remember, the world is waiting for your manifestation…The world would not end without you becoming successful. What do you say to this?




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