We go to the market and buy beautiful clothes without realizing that someone stayed all night to design it. We are happy when people commend us for picking the clothes we wear especially the fashion savvy ones. Those it means that every cloth designer is amazing? Of course not, some clothes give us embarrassment when we end up in fashion or a wardrobe malfunction. This is the reason.

Cloth designers are like our mothers…for them, there is no ‘mother malfunction’ as every mother is a special woman. It does not matter what might have happened between us and some of our mothers, the good thing is without mothers, we are not going to exist.

Every mother has a story to teach us, sometimes, these stories can be a happy one or ugly. The beautiful thing about mothers is they are always going to be our mothers. No matter how naughty we might be, mothers would always pray for us…This is the reason we are celebrating them. We love you mothers…happy mother’s day