Every day should have been the day I celebrate you in my life. I must not wait for Valentine before I truly tell you how much you mean to me. When was the last time I gave you a present, took you round town or even walked with you? Can I remember? I have come to take for granted the expression of love I have for you. It is not that I do not love you…I do. I love you and would always do. However, I am wondering if I have been cute enough to always make you special.

In the beginning, I barley sleeps without think of making the next day special…Am I still doing this? Or have I allowed activities and work to take over us. This is the reason why I want to come back again as that ‘Love’ of your life who would always make you happier. There is no need to wait and express my love for you before Valentine.

Today, I am becoming a better person for you. I would love you with all my heart and renew my commitment to you. Life is beautiful…That is what matters. There is no need waiting for that special occasion to tell that person you appreciate and love that person.

You may not know what would happen next…It may not be a spouse or loved one. It may be your boss in the office, your priest, your neighbor that you have never spoken with…Everyone is your loved one. Lets make  the world a better place as we pollute it with love.Remember, it does not cost to love…




We smile. This is the nature of man because that is one of the most beautiful things in life. However, when the act of smiling becomes pain, something is definitely wrong. I have always advocated for ladies all over the world. However, in this story, I would not support a lady who would torture herself to smile.  In some parts of the world, there is this practice of tattooing the gums to be black for a whiter smile.  This is also said that this would prevent bad breath and protect the gums.

It should be understood that a woman would definitely go under a needle to have this achievement… Does this mean that smile is now very expensive or a torture? This is what I cannot support. When was the last time you smiled? You would support me that it is a free gift to mankind. Even the every old smile…

The quest for beautiful smile can win you gold. It can soften the heart of a hardened man and can give you food on your table. Do you wonder why comedians are paid heavily? Simple, they make you laugh until tears come out of your eyes. Does this mean that they are happy people? Some are very happy while the rest are angry people who use their talents for money alone. And cannot make themselves smile after shows.

Well, It is a beautiful day. It does not matter what you are passing through. What matters is how you take care of it. And I believe, smiling is a therapy that would make you look young… Try it now


African Woman and Baby-enh


Today is not mother’s days but it can be a day to celebrate the lives of every woman on earth. I have not told my mum how she much she means to me this week neither have i been able to tell my wife she is the center of my life. Of course, ‘I Love You’ have taken over our vocabulary that we are no longer appreciate or understand what we mean when we say, ‘I Love You’. It is not too late because we can actually do it today…



She wakes before everyone in the house to

Prepare for the new day. Then she begins to

Wake each of us except me the little one


With one hand she lifts me out of the ground to

Her back when I announce my waking up with

Cries of not seeing her beside me


At her back she ties me tightly with her

Wrapper, pounding with the pestle that is

Taller than her. Sweat rolls down as she

Prepares the morning meal


As she drops the meal from fire, she is

Setting the table for food. There is no free time

For Nne, every second count to make our home

Immediately after the meal, she is putting

Another meal on fire.


Nne, would not eat until everyone us was filled

Before she eats. With food waiting for us in the

Afternoon that has not come. She picks our

Clothes to the stream.


We must not wear dirty clothes because she

Makes such that they were watched before put

Them on. Immediately, she comes back, food

is served


She does not have any thing that tells her the

Time to carry out her house chore because she

Knows when to do what



Our bathing water ready in the evening before

She brings in the last meal of the day and

She stays behind to clear the plates after the



After all that, she would sing me to sleep before

Going back to finish what i might have not

allow her to complete when i was awake



That is how Nne does each day that i wonder if

She ever sleeps at all. God, bless my Nne of me

because life would not have been better than

this without her





We all have one life to live. This means nobody has the right to subject another to modern slavery in the name of love. Sometimes, I cannot help but imagine what sort of love would make a man pour acid on a woman he claims he loves, beat her to coma and maltreat her. Why should it always be the woman who suffers from the blunt of love?


In the beginning, the men are seen promising heaven’s treasure even though they are on earth to their ladies. I do not blame any lady for falling into this because it is their nature to love with their hearts. This is the reason why they are called mother. They are willing to give up for their family. Many have died in their efforts to protect the ones they love. However, most men are taking advantage of this soft nature in molesting them.


Together forever is what is pledged on different locations all over the world when a ring is given to a lady. However, the circle of this faithful ring that promises to the protector of the ladies suddenly becomes a predator. Sometimes, we do not hear their tears and bitterness in the night because everyone must have slept before they talk to God.

Hmm…When would this abuse stop?


Strangers in the Dark




While growing up, I was not surrounded by love because I had a step mum who would not want me to be useful in this life. I was three when mum died and life became hell for me. Dad suddenly became a stranger when he got married to my step mum.  He was not concerned about my welfare because he said that I reminded him of mum. I became a leper to him because he would get angry over nothing even on the dining table and lash at me. Sometimes, I am sent to bed without dinner because of reasons I cannot understand.

And when I was seven, I become a slave to the increasing family. I was stopped from attending school because my step mum forced dad to withdraw me. She wanted her kids to have the best in their education. And I dropped out despite the fact that dad was rich. Some nights, I would be sent for errands that a boy of my age should not be sent. And to make life more miserable for me, she began to send me to hawk in the evening and morning. Money was not the issue because the family was not doing badly.

I was a hawker because she convinced dad that I was getting irresponsible without a mother’s guidance. And the only way I would become responsible is to hawk goods on the highway. I became a business child at seven when my mates were studying to become doctors and lawyers.  I was diligent to make profits which always anger my step mum. Everything she tries to use in hurting me became my stepping stone to success.

I met strangers who needed support with their vehicles especially in the night. And when I became eighteen, I was no longer living in my parents house but on an abandoned car on the road. This was my storage room for my goods and home.  By the time I was 21, I have employed more than fifteen street kids as employees. And at 23, I have become a successful entrepreneur who has a house and a car.

Yesterday, I was interviewed by the local television station to tell the world about my life. I could not become a doctor but i earn more than any doctor in the state, I did not grow with love, I have a lovely family I have given love. What I could not get while growing up, I have them today. The reason is simply believing in myself.

Smiling Angel that is Bedridden



Life ceased to make a meaning to her three years ago. It was as if God has forsaken her when she woke from the accident scene. People would look at her and give up on her because she was crushed on the spinal cord by a drunken driver. The only person who never gave up on her was her. She refused to give in to the doctor’s prognosis because she still wants to hold her kids.

Three years have gone and she is bedridden. The accident has got her paralyzed in the legs and hands that she cannot even hold a piece of paper.  I met her this weekend and could not help admiring her hope and courage. Each day, she wakes with anticipation that one of her fingers would at least respond.  She is taking her journey gradual because she knows that one day in the future, her dead body would come back to life.

Whenever she wakes each day, she would smile for being alive one more day. She would give thanks for life and wait to be taken care of. I felt guilty for being such an ungrateful fellow who wakes and rush my prayers to God. I cannot remember the last time i sat down to appreciate how lucky i am to be healthy…

When Nature Snares at Papa


He should have been the head of his family but he is not. The reason why Papa would not sleep is because he is unable to meet his responsibility as the man of the house. He lost his job because he was unable to stop drinking and spending money on strange women he met. He does not remember that he has family whenever he collects the little he was paid as a bank manager in our local bank. It was mama who would use the little she gets from her stall at the street market in feeding the family. He refused to train us because the other women told him we were not responsible.

He would come home drunk and beat mama when she was unable to serve him better meal from her purse. And when one day, he came home crying because he was sacked from his lucrative job. This was a job that did not take care of any member of the family. The table suddenly turns; i became a lawyer, Nonye, a doctor, Uju, wife of a politician. And we took mama away to where she would never suffer any longer.

Today, mama moves from one wonderful to another because she was there for us when needed help. For papa, he is still in his old house. It is not that we hate him. We only visit home once a year and that’s when mama feels like. He does not deserve to be around mama who he once poured hot water for giving him a watery soup. He deserves to be alone. What do you think?